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Digitalisation & Website Improvements

A brief walk-through of the new features and improvements being developed which form part of the DCUSA Digitalisation Programme.

Previous Version Finder (May 24)
Phase III
Cross Code Changes (Apr 24)
Phase III
Download Options (Apr 24)
Phase III
My Favourites (Mar 24)
Phase III
Legal Text Comparison Feature (Feb 24)
Phase III
New Change Proposal Page (Jan 24)
Phase III
The New DCUSA Digital Document (Nov 23)
Phase II

DCUSA Change Proposals: Implementing Ofgem's Access SCR

Following Ofgem’s Access SCR Decision, four DCUSA Change Proposals (DCPs) were raised by DNOs to implement the decision within the DCUSA and these webcasts offer some insight into the development of those DCPs and the final solutions that will become effective as of 01 April 2023.

DCP 405
Access SCR: Managing Curtailable Connections between Licenced Distribution Networks
DCP 404
Access SCR: Changes to Terms of Connection for Curtailable Customers
DCP 406 and DCP 406A
Access SCR: Changes to CCCM
DCP 407
Access SCR: Speculative Development

DCUSA Charging

On behalf of the DCUSA Panel, CEPA and TNEI (as the appointed modelling consultants) present a guide to electricity ‘Distribution Use of System’ charging rules.

Distribution Charging 101
DUoS charging rules
Distribution Charging For Independent Networks
DUoS charging rules
Residual Charging Bands
Schedule 32

DCUSA Everyday

The aim of these webinars is to provide a high-level overview of the role and responsibilities of the DCUSA Contract Manager, and the DCUSA Panel & Board.

Panel & Board
Roles and objectives
Role of a Contract Manager
Roles and responsibilities
Party Management Portal
General Management

DCUSA Process

A set of short webinars to explain the DCUSA Change Process and Innovation Sandbox.

Change Process
High-level overview
Electricity Distribution Overview
Where DCUSA fits
Innovation Sandbox
High-level overview