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Theft Risk Assessment Service

TRAS Register

CCN Title Area Status Changed
TRAS206TRAS206 – Specific Tamper Outcome Code for Fiscal TheftProgramming ManualRaised12/08/2019
TRAS205TRAS205 – Specific Outcome Code of ‘No Theft – Faulty Meter’Programming ManualRaised12/08/2019
TRAS203TRAS203 – Use of M3 in TRAS systemContractRaised12/08/2019
TRAS198TRAS198 – Transfer of TRAS Anonymised Data to ElectraLinkTRAS DataApproved12/08/2019
TRAS197TRAS197 – Commercial Outlier Low Consumption Threshold changeProgramming ManualApproved12/08/2019
TRAS194TRAS194 – Sharing of TRAS data beyond the three-year retention periodContractApproved12/08/2019
TRAS190TRAS190 – New operational report to measure the performance of the ETTOSTRAS DataApproved12/08/2019
TRAS148TRAS148 – PrePayment and Payment Data Proof of ConceptTRAS DataRaised12/08/2019
TRAS189TRAS189 – Extra Theft Lead SourcesTRAS DataWithdrawn12/08/2019
TRAS185TRAS185 – Measuring TRAS QO PerformanceTRAS DataApproved12/08/2019