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Energy Theft

DCUSA Ltd’s and SPAA Ltd’s responsibility for the Theft Risk Assessment Service (TRAS) and Energy Theft Tip Off Service (ETTOS) ended on the 31 March 2021. Energy Theft issues are covered in the by the Retail Energy Code (REC).

Queries about Energy Theft and the current regulations can be directed via the REC Portal Alternatively the REC Service Desk can be reached via [email protected] or 0800 640 4300

TRAS Register

CCN Title Area Status Changed
TRAS206TRAS206 – Specific Tamper Outcome Code for Fiscal TheftProgramming ManualRaised12/08/2019
TRAS205TRAS205 – Specific Outcome Code of ‘No Theft – Faulty Meter’Programming ManualRaised12/08/2019
TRAS203TRAS203 – Use of M3 in TRAS systemContractRaised12/08/2019
TRAS198TRAS198 – Transfer of TRAS Anonymised Data to ElectraLinkTRAS DataApproved12/08/2019
TRAS197TRAS197 – Commercial Outlier Low Consumption Threshold changeProgramming ManualApproved12/08/2019
TRAS194TRAS194 – Sharing of TRAS data beyond the three-year retention periodContractApproved12/08/2019
TRAS190TRAS190 – New operational report to measure the performance of the ETTOSTRAS DataApproved12/08/2019
TRAS148TRAS148 – PrePayment and Payment Data Proof of ConceptTRAS DataRaised12/08/2019
TRAS189TRAS189 – Extra Theft Lead SourcesTRAS DataWithdrawn12/08/2019
TRAS185TRAS185 – Measuring TRAS QO PerformanceTRAS DataApproved12/08/2019