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Submit Change Proposal

The DCUSA Change Proposal (CP) template is located via the following link:  DCUSA Change Proposal Form

The CP template contains guidance to the Proposer on what should be included when drafting and submitting a new CP. You can find further guidance and information related to the Change Process using the links below:

When submitting a CP, the Proposer should also submit draft legal text and any relevant meeting papers from any groups where the issue has been discussed previously.

Once the CP has been submitted to the DCUSA Secretariat, it is checked and then issued with the final agenda to the next DCUSA Panel meeting.

The dates for the DCUSA Panel meetings are set out in the calendar on the website and any new CP must be submitted more than 5 days prior to this date to be included with the meeting papers for that month (unless the CP is considered Urgent).

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