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Rota Load Block Alpha Identifiers

Rota Load Block Alpha Identifiers

The DCUSA sets out actions for DNOs/IDNOs and Suppliers at a practical level for one way of informing customers of their alpha identifier. The actions as set out in Paragraph 13 of Schedule 8 of the DCUSA are set out below:

DNO/IDNO Obligations

  • By 31 August each year, each DNO and IDNO are to provide the Nominated Central Source with the Alpha Identifier for each Postcode in which they have customers connected to their Distribution System.
  • By 30 September each year, the DNOs/IDNOs are to ensure that the Nominated Central Source will have collated the information provided by the DNOs and IDNOs which will be presented in a (.csv) file format and which shows each relevant Postcode in one column with the applicable Alpha Identifier and MPAS ID in separate columns and that the Nominated Central Source provides it to the DCUSA Secretariat using the method agreed between themselves.

Suppliers Obligations

  • From 01 November of each year, each Supplier Party will need to use the information provided on this page by the DCUSA Secretariat to take reasonable steps (to the extent it is reasonably practicable to do so) to notify each of their customers of the Alpha Identifier applicable to that customers Postcode area.
  • Suppliers shall be taken to have complied with its obligation in respect of a particular customer where during the 12-months starting on 01 November each year, the Bills (or statements of account) sent to the customer in respect of the customers property, display the Alpha Identifier in a square box on the front page, and in the uppermost third, of such Bills (where reasonably practicable).

Please Note:  Neither DCUSA Limited nor ElectraLink Limited are responsible for, nor make any representation and/or warranty as to the accuracy, sufficiency or completeness of the data. The data is provided by the DNOs and IDNOs to a central source which is subsequently published on the DCUSA website.

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