Registered Website User

Registered Website User

If you would like to become a Registered Website User, please fill in the form below.

If you are an employee of an existing DCUSA Party, then the Contract Manager of your Party will be receive notification that you are seeking to become a Registered Website User associated with the Company and will be asked to approve your application. Contract Managers are able to approve such requests themselves via the 'Party Management Portal' area of the website.

Those wishing to become a Registered Website User who are not employed by an existing DCUSA Party or are not from the Authority, must have their account approved by the DCUSA Panel. If we receive such a request, we'll ask you to describe why you wish to access the restricted areas of the website.

Trying to become a Party to the DCUSA?

If you wish to become Party to the DCUSA (i.e., accede to the DCUSA) then please click the link below:
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