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DUoS Models

Charging Models and Related Publications

In this section you will find and download the unpopulated Charging Methodology models:

  • Current Charging Methodology Models

    • Common Distribution Charging Methodology (CDCM) Model
    • Extra-High Voltage (EHV) Distribution Charging Methodology (EDCM)
      • Long Run Incremental Cost (LRIC) Model
      • Forward Cost Pricing (FCP) Model
    • Price Control Disaggregation Model (PCDM)
    • Annual Review Pack (ARP) Model

You can download a zip file containing the full set of pre-release Charging Methodology Models for the 2025/26 charging year by clicking the link below:

2025-26 DUoS Models

Name Document Type Document Category Version/Revision Date Published
CDCM_v10_2025_26_Pre-ReleaseDUoS ModelsCDCM Modelv1006/11/2023
CDCM-ARP_v6_User Guide_2025_26_Pre-ReleaseDUoS ModelsCDCM Modelv606/11/2023
EDCM-FCP_v11_2025_26_Pre-ReleaseDUoS ModelsEDCM Modelv1106/11/2023
EDCM-FCP_v9_User Guide_2025_26_Pre-ReleaseDUoS ModelsEDCM Modelv906/11/2023
EDCM-LRIC_v11_2025_26_Pre-ReleaseDUoS ModelsEDCM Modelv1106/11/2023
EDCM-LRIC_v9_User Guide_2025_26_Pre-ReleaseDUoS ModelsEDCM Modelv906/11/2023
PCDM_v5_2025_26_Pre-ReleaseDUoS ModelsPCDM Modelv506/11/2023
PCDM_v5_User Guide_2025_26_Pre-ReleaseDUoS ModelsPCDM Modelv506/11/2023
ARP_v8_2025_26_Pre-ReleaseDUoS ModelsAnnual Review Pack Modelv806/11/2023
ARP_v7_2024_25_Pre-ReleasePublicationsAnnual Review Pack Modelv728/10/2022