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Karl Maryon

Karl Maryon

Alternate Panel Member

Karl has been working in the energy industry since 1988 and has performed a variety of roles spanning forecasting, tariff design, IT programming, application development and regulation. He has been directly involved in industry code modification developments for over 14 years, with a particular focus on the DCUSA and industry-wide charging arrangements and has been a DCUSA Panel Member since 2018.

Karl currently works in the Regulation team of Drax Group with primary responsibility within the team for Industry Governance arrangements pertaining to the DCUSA. As part of this role, he ensures industry changes and code modifications are successfully delivered into Drax’s Supply licensed businesses within the required timelines. Prior to his current role, Karl worked as a Non-Commodity Cost Analyst within Haven Power (now trading as Drax Energy Solutions Limited). In that role he was responsible for forecasting Non-Commodity Costs, ensuring internal systems were accurately configured and took account of regulatory and industry developments.

Throughout the last 14 years, Karl has been a regular participant in Ofgem and industry-led workstreams. This has involved participation in many industry-code working groups, including Distribution Change Proposals (DCPs) looking at credit cover and tariff stability. He has also been instrumental in raising successful changes to other industry codes, for example, P326 under the BSC which looked to make the Credit Cover calculation more accurate for suppliers in the I&C market.

Karl’s areas of subject matter expertise include Credit Cover, Non-Commodity Costs and Charging Methodologies.

Karl’s approach to fulfilling the role of Panel Member is geared towards protecting the integrity of the DCUSA and the industry and he always seeks to provide a balanced view recognising the different needs of the varied market participants and consumers both today and in future.