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Meeting Register

In this section you will find more information about all the meeting information for all DCUSA related matters.

  • Panel
  • Board
  • Standing Issues Group (SIG) and
  • Distribution Charging Methodologies Development Group (DCMDG)
  • DCMF Archive​
  • Working Groups
Related Committee & Group Title Number Date Location
BoardBoard, Meeting Number: 15915918/12/2019ElectraLink Ltd
Panel – Closed SessionPanel – Closed Session, Meeting Number: 16216218/12/2019ElectraLink Ltd
Panel – Open SessionPanel – Open Session, Meeting Number: 16216218/12/2019ElectraLink Ltd
TRAS Expert Group – Closed SessionTRAS Expert Group – Closed-17/12/2019-
TRAS Expert Group – Open SessionTRAS Expert Group – Open-17/12/2019-
Theft Issues Group, Theft Issues Group (TIG)Theft Issues Group – 42-17/12/2019-
DCMDGDCMDG – Meeting 02202205/12/2019-
DCP 348 Working GroupDCP 348 Working Group Meeting 0400426/11/2019By Web Conference
Finance and Audit CommitteeFinance and Audit Committee Meeting Number 3103120/11/2019ElectraLink Ltd
BoardBoard, Meeting Number: 15815820/11/2019ElectraLink Ltd