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Use of “REP-242” in aggregated billing

67 - Use of “REP-242” in aggregated billing

  • Status Closed
  • Urgent No
  • Secretariat Support Andy Green
  • Synopsis

    Following an enquiry to the MHHS programme, they have stated –

    “for settlement dates for which suppliers don’t have any registered and energised Whole Current MHHS MPANs, the supplier will be included on the LDSOs version of the REP-002 and any such suppliers will be issued an (empty) REP-002 where the supplier is a qualified participant with the correct role type”.

    “it would contain the following records:

    • S0 – Transactional Info
    • R027 Distributor Id
    • R013 – GSP Group
    • R007 Settlement Run Execution
    • R002 – Settlement Run Info
    • R009 – Supplier MPID (REP-002) or R006 – Embedded LDSO Id (REP-002A)

    but none of the following:

    • R010 Tariff Characteristics
    • R011 – Consumption data by Settlement Period
    • R0105 – Daily volumes on Actuals or Estimates”

    The question arises as to what should distributors do about sending the REP-242 where blank data is received.

    There are a number of scenarios I can think of –

    1. New supplier in ISD with no customers (may not even be a DCUSA party)
    2. Old supplier exiting the market, with no customers but not yet end dated in ISD.
    3. Supplier had one energised customer in early runs but a later reconciliation run is blank due to retrospective de-energisation.
    4. Supplier had no energised customers in early runs and so blank details in the REP-002 but a later reconciliation run is populated due to retrospective energisation.

    Note I presume this is the same for the IDNO equivalent flows.

    This has an implication for subsequent billing – should zero invoices be sent for all blank suppliers contained in REP-002s if we send blank state?