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The Inclusion of a Theft Assessment Calculator within DCUSA

40 - The Inclusion of a Theft Assessment Calculator within DCUSA

  • Proposer
  • Proposing Company NPOWER LIMITED
  • Status Closed
  • Urgent No
  • Synopsis


    • Creating an ‘Assessment Calculator of Unrecorded Energy’ was discussed at both the SPAA and DCUSA (DCP54) Theft Code of Practice working groups.
    • Discussions within the SPAA working group have continued, with proposals currently being reviewed within the Theft workgroup.

    Benefits of a Calculator

    The chosen provider proposes to supply a simple spreadsheet tool, which utilises a new approach to estimating gas demand in domestic and non-domestic properties where gas theft has been identified. The revised calculator approach will be robust and defensible, drawing on well recognised data sources and data models currently deployed in the UK. The calculator could be utilised by both network operators and suppliers.

    Potential Benefits of a Dual Fuel Calculator

    • Cost saving as dual fuel procurement compared to independent procurements.
    • Reduction in costs for ongoing maintenance.
    • Reduced administration costs.
    • It would allow standardisation within dual fuel suppliers.
    • EST noted that the gas calculator was significantly inaccurate. This may also apply to electricity calculators used.
    • There could be consistency of approach for both fuels.

    DCUSA Issue

    1. Views from DCUSA Parties on this concept.
    2. Where should this best fit within the DCUSA?

    DIF 040 was raised as a formal Change Proposal (DCP 215 The Inclusion Of A Theft Assessment Calculator Within DCUSA). DCP 215 sought to place an obligation on the DCUSA Panel to procure a Theft Assessment Calculator and to obligate Parties to use this calculator where this method of assessment has been chosen. DCP 215 was implemented in to the DCUSA on the 06 November 2014.