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Shared Fuse/Shared Neutral for multiple Exit Points – Supplier and DNO rights to de-energise

42 - Shared Fuse/Shared Neutral for multiple Exit Points – Supplier and DNO rights to de-energise

  • Proposer
  • Status Closed
  • Urgent No
  • Synopsis

    Suppliers’ meter operators are experiencing difficulty installing replacement meters where a single common end distributor cut-out fuse controls the supply of voltage to more than exit point, i.e. to more than one customer. This problem also includes shared neutral conductors where de-energisation of the supply to one customer is required to definitively make the neutral dead on the supply to be worked upon, i.e. the neutral conductor is treated as potentially live unless shared or potentially shared sources of voltage are temporarily removed. For simplicity this discussion paper focusses upon the common shared service fuse, for clarity, since the facts can be applied equally to the approach to shared neutrals. Three scenarios with varying permutations of Supplier and meter operator appointments are shown in the issue form.

    The DCUSA SIG considered the responses to the DIF 042 Request For Information responses at it’s 28 November 2014 meeting with additional DNO responses considered at the 19 December 2014 and the 30 January 2015 meetings providing a national DNO position on this issue. It was suggested that independent legal advice should be sought on legislation such as the Electricity Act so that Industry Parties may understand what is legally and commercially permissible within the current legislation in regards to Parties access rights to other consumers equipment on a shared fuse arrangement in order to undertake meter work.
    The proposer of DIF 042 concluded that Suppliers did not have permission to disrupt the supply to other Suppliers customers even if the express permission of those customers is received. As a result the proposed solution to this issue was not workable. The proposer agreed to close DIF 042.