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Provision of Cost Information – Review Meeting

DIF 02 - Provision of Cost Information – Review Meeting

  • Proposer
  • Status Closed
  • Urgent No
  • Synopsis

    DCP 030 Provision of Cost Information was implemented earlier this year and the first
    reports where provided in April 2009. When reviewing these reports it became apparent
    that it would be useful for suppliers to be able to discuss the reports with distributors.
    CE Electric held a tele-conference for interested parties and this was found extremely useful
    by British Gas.

    At the June 2009 DCMF British Gas asked if it would be possible to set up a regular
    quarterly meeting with all distributors to discuss the DCP 030 reports. At this meeting it
    was felt that any meeting to review these reports should be held under the auspices of the
    DCUSA as it is under this contract that the reports are provided.||