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Population of ASC in ECOES

DIF 47 - Population of ASC in ECOES

  • Proposer
  • Proposing Company E.ON UK PLC
  • Status Closed
  • Urgent No
  • Synopsis

    The Available Supply Capacity (ASC) agreed between customer and Distributor is invisible to Suppliers when quoting a supply contract and this can lead to inaccuracies in first billing. It has also been identified at the DCMF MIG that this information will also need to be available for suppliers to identify customers impacted by DCP179 and that to solve both issues the ASC value could be populated on ECOES by the Distributor.||The DCUSA SIG agreed to issue some questions on whether there were any DCUSA obligations regarding the supply of customer data that would be impacted by the MRA change (MIF 158) on mandating the provision of Available Supply Capacity (ASC). The collated responses were considered at the 24 April 2015 meeting. Respondents to these questions agreed for their collated responses to be shared with the MRA IREG. Feedback from the May MRA IREGs meeting on this topic will be discussed at the 29 May 2015 meeting. The MRA IREG agreed to close MIF 158 until such time as the relevant consequential changes were made under the DCUSA. The proposer noted that capacity data is confidential under DCUSA Clause 34 and 35 and the Utilities Act Section 105. The ASC data could only be shared if prior consent has been obtained from the customer and this consent would need to be re-obtained for a premise when a change of occupancy occurred. As a consequence the solution would not have the proposed effect and the proposer agreed to close this issue.