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Operational Contacts

52 - Operational Contacts

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    With the increasing activity of meter operator work as we approach mass smart-meter roll-out and the subsequent increase in new meter operatives entering the industry there is a need to have a robust, consistent process for communicating key details of any serious incidents and as-found conditions to the supplier. In the interests of health and safety it is vital that any such issues identified by DNO parties are communicated to the supplier in a timely manner and to the correct department/person. Parties are experiencing difficulties in knowing who to report such issues to within organisations in order for them to be addressed effectively and timely in order to reduce the impact of health and safety and customer service issues. This was a topic of discussion within the BEIS led Smart Meter Operations Group – Health and Safety sub-group meeting during February 2017 and a subsequent EUK/ENA business as usual workshop later that month. Though the details of such reports will be considered in other workgroups, the starting point is the contact details within the supplier organisation for who should receive such reports.

    When considering a contacts list/database and the operations related reasons DNO may need to contact a party it became apparent there are numerous other obligations within governance codes whereby the DNO has to communicate with supplier or meter operator agent (MOA) for various reasons. To illustrate this we have created a contacts scenario list to identify the specific clauses within DCUSA, BSCP, MOCOPA and licence condition whereby the DNO must communicate with supplier or MOA.

    The request to provide MOA contact details within a list/database was discussed at the MOCOPA all-party working group in March 2017. Members were in support of the proposals but requested it be discussed in the DCUSA issues group first to gain support from suppliers as a solution is likely to require a joint list.
    The EUK are also very much in favour of creating a general operational contacts list and commented following the referenced EUK/ENA BaU workshop “EUK observation: In order to address immediate concerns, particularly with poor workmanship that results in a safety issue, that DNOs report to the dedicated supplier contact as immediate action so that the supplier can follow-up quickly. It would also be beneficial to report to both the supplier and MOA in writing noting that the supplier has already been made aware”.

    We are seeking support from DCUSA issues group members that a list/database of operational contacts should be created and maintained, a view on where it should reside and the next steps.

    DNOs currently have to produce an operational contacts list for MOA and review it annually as part of a MOCOPA obligation. This is effectively a reciprocal request of suppliers and MOA to assist in the effective, timely and ‘to the right department’ reporting of health and safety together with other operational issues.
    It could be appropriate to include DNO contacts details within the list/database for completeness.

    The DCUSA SIG considered this issue during their meeting on 26 March 2017.