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National Terms of Connection (NToC) – De-Energisation

53 - National Terms of Connection (NToC) – De-Energisation

  • Proposer
  • Status Closed
  • Urgent No
  • Synopsis

    A Panel Member on the Distribution Code Review Panel (DCRP) representing Non-BM Generators has raised concerns relating to the National Terms of Connection, Section 5 (De-Energisation) and in particular 5.1 subsection 5.1.2.

    5.1 – If, in the reasonable opinion of:

    5.1.2 – the Customer, the condition or manner of operation of the Distribution System or the Connection Equipment poses an immediate threat of injury or material damage to any person or property (including the Customer’s Installation), then the Customer shall have the right with the prior agreement of the Company to De-energise the Customer’s Installation if it is necessary or expedient to do so to avoid the occurrence of such injury or damage.

    The key concern here is that although the customer has the right to de energise they still have to seek prior agreement of the Company (which could possibly take some time) before they can de energise and in the case of emergencies this may be too late with serious consequences for persons and property including the Customer’s Installation.