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Getting unregistered consumers registered by a supplier

28 - Getting unregistered consumers registered by a supplier

  • Proposer
  • Status Closed
  • Urgent No
  • Synopsis

    A minority of customers find themselves consuming electricity outside the normal supplier registration process i.e. without being registered by a supplier, these customers are sometimes referred to as ‘untraded’. The range of circumstance leading to this situation could be many and varied, including failings in the change of supplier or DNO/registrations processes, failings in re-energisation processes or illegal connections/ re-connections. Electricity may be being consumed via a meter or not.

    Irrespective of the cost of energy that may have been consumed outside normal arrangements, it is clearly reasonable to have a clear process through which a customer can be moved to a normal arrangement as soon as possible so that energy consumed going forward can be traded and billed for. If the customer is prompt in approaching a supplier for a contract the situation may be resolved quickly, however if a customer is slow to approach a supplier the situation may remain unresolved for months or even years.

    Because these customers have no supplier then the supplier powers of disconnection are not relevant. The DNO does have powers of disconnection but this is for safety reasons. The DNO can levy a charge on the customer via the schedule 6 scheme but if the customer cannot or will not pay then they cannot be disconnected.

    The proposer wished to identify potential options to address the swift movement of untraded customers into normal arrangements.