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DNO Treatment Of Invalid Settlements Class

24 - DNO Treatment Of Invalid Settlements Class

  • Status Closed
  • Urgent No
  • Synopsis

    Where an MPAN has an invalid settlement combination, the LLFC is used to determine the tariff. Where it is appropriate and necessary, the DNO may amend the LLFC to a valid one. One DNO has communicated that they will amend the incorrect entries on the D0030 to reflect LLFC 199.

    The risks we have identified are that a) LLFC 199 does not feature within MDD so we cannot process the flows, and b), we could end up with multiple (even 100’s) of settlement classes having their components changed to a default that doesn’t even relate to the site itself, meaning both supplier and distributor would lose sight of what the site really is and would never know what the invalid component was.

    All other distributors, for Invalid Settlement Classes, do not amend settlement class components unless they are fixing them to make them Valid. If neither the DNO nor Supplier can resolve the invalid LLFC, the DNO applies ‘Domestic Unrestricted’ or the price relevant to that LLFC in their charging statement.

    We would also question whether a DNO is able to make this change to data retrospectively, i.e. the invalid combination originated in 2010 but this was only introduced in the charging statement for 2011/12.