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DNO MPANs Created for IDNO Network

17 - DNO MPANs Created for IDNO Network

  • Proposer
  • Status Closed
  • Urgent No
  • Synopsis

    We have discovered an issue that is not governed by industry processes. Recently we adopted a new network in a DNO area. Unfortunately, due to a breakdown in communications with a third party, the MPAN request was sent to the host DNO for MPAN Core generation. The network then went live and a Supplier has subsequently registered against those MPANs (through no fault of their own). We need to arrange for the host DNO MPANs to be ‘disconnected’ and the Supplier to register against our MPANs instead, which involves re-appointment of Supplier agents etc.

    There is neither guidance on how best to resolve the issue nor governance to ensure the mistake is rectified in a timely manner – ensuring there are no adverse affects on the Customer. Currently we could have a problem where 2 MPANs exist, on 2 separate MPAS, and possibly with 2 different Suppliers – resulting in duplicated billing for the Customer. There is also the problem of lost revenue for us as the operator of the network.