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Distributor Billing via D2021

22 - Distributor Billing via D2021

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  • Status Closed
  • Urgent No
  • Synopsis

    The processing of invoicing issued via the D2021, ebilling solution, is now widely used by both Distributors and Suppliers. Habitually, Distributors have consolidated corrections to billing (debits and credits) with the same tax point date via the use of the D2021. Just recently E.ON has experienced a Distributor not consolidating its billing corrections resulting in 93 D2021s split across 2 GSP Groups each with a single invoice. This puts a significant increase on process and resource for Suppliers who validate their D2021s. When consulted the Distributor informed us they had recently moved to a new invoicing system provided by a third party and that some Suppliers were consulted. E.ON was not one of them. The counterpoint to this (the most efficient from a Supplier’s perspective) would be the Distributor who only ever issues one D2021 every month per GSP Group – they consolidate all their revisions and hold them to the next invoice run. There are positions between the two.

    The point of raising the issue is understand if further changes are being considered by Distributors and to encourage greater dialogue on changes to an important Distributor-Supplier interface.