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Consideration of wider industry developments and duration of proposed changes

21 - Consideration of wider industry developments and duration of proposed changes

  • Proposer
  • Proposing Company NPOWER LIMITED
  • Status Closed
  • Urgent No
  • Synopsis

    Npower is seeking for the SIG to consider the issue of any changes being proposed under the DCUSA are considered in the light of longer-term developments in the industry.

    Npower wish to place a requirement on the Panel to consider whether proposed changes to the DCUSA are short-term when taking into account wider industry developments such as the development of the Smart Metering Arrangements and will give the Panel the power to defer the implementation of any changes where this is considered appropriate.

    With the rollout of Smart Metering and the development of the Smart Energy Code (SEC) within 2011 it will be necessary to develop complex interoperability arrangements and formulate a governance process that will be compatible with a legacy and a Smart world. During 2011 and 2012, the industry will develop a SEC that may incorporate elements of the existing codes and agreements. The industry will have to manage the existing baseline and develop the new SEC. For some time, there will be uncertainty about the scope and content of the SEC and the existing Codes. Whatever architecture is chosen for the Smart Metering Implementation Programme, there will need to be changes to parties’ and central systems and processes, and the industry baseline will have to change to cater for these new arrangements. This may lead to situations where parties may have to make short term changes under the DCUSA, only to have to change them again to incorporate provisions for the SEC a short while later.

    To ensure that this transitional period is managed in a stable manner, it would be beneficial to require the decision-making bodes for each of the Codes and Agreements, including the DCUSA Panel, to take account of the likely duration of a proposed change to industry and/or party systems and processes and to defer or extend the implementation timetable accordingly.

    This approach would allow some change to the DCUSA still to be taken forward, eg urgent changes; minor changes which require no change to parties’ systems; changes that are not mandatory; and major changes where impact assessment demonstrates that there is a compelling case to make the change to benefit all or some parties without adversely impacting others or where change is required for legal reasons.