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200Amp Fuses With Lower-Rated Tails

65 - 200Amp Fuses With Lower-Rated Tails

  • Status Closed
  • Urgent No
  • Secretariat Support Andy Green
  • Synopsis

    MOps are finding instances of cut-outs with a 200amp fuse but tails of a lower rating than 200amps. There are currently no Whole Current meters rated at 200amps so a meter exchange is not possible and there is no method of reporting this scenario.

    The fuse is the responsibility of the DNO, however, through discussions at the REC Electricity Operational Metering Forum (E-OMF) DNOs confirmed that fuses would not be downgraded as the fuse rating will have been determined by the supply capacity stated in the connection agreement and any changes need to be discussed with the Customer via the Supplier.

    Another associated point was raised that fuse downgrades would not support the business plans of DNOs, as they move to DSO network management.