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Guidance Documents

Guidance Documents

In this section you can find all the process and guidance documents in relation to the DCUSA and its processes.

We maintain various process and guidance documents as well as a number of templates and form under the following categories:

  • Accession and Withdrawal (Guidance / Forms)
  • Use of System Charges (Guidance / Processes)
  • Change Process (Guidance / Template)
  • Guidance /
  • Procedural Timetables
  • Electricity Theft Guidance /
  • (Guidance / Forms)
  • FAQs
  • (Guidance / Template)

Using the menu below, please select the category of interest to you, to see what documents are available.

Please note that the team is here to help you and if you need further guidance do not hesitate to get in touch.

Name Document Type Document Category Version/Revision Date Published
Distributor Meter Moves During Service Alterations Scope DocumentGuidance and InformationChange Proposal1.006/01/2022
DCP 383 Guidance DocumentGuidance and InformationChange Proposal1.006/01/2022
2021 Q2 Rollout Profile TemplateGuidance and InformationSmart Metering1.016/04/2021
Voting Tool Guidance DocumentGuidance and InformationFAQsv120/02/2021
2021 Q1 Rollout Profile TemplateGuidance and InformationSmart Metering1.027/01/2021
DCUSA Portal User GuidanceGuidance and InformationFAQs111/11/2020
DCUSA AcronymsGuidance and InformationFAQs102/11/2020
Load Managed Areas – Guidance DocumentGuidance and InformationMiscellaneous-07/06/2020
DCUSA Innovation Sandbox Application FormGuidance and InformationMiscellaneousv206/05/2020
Microsoft Teams GuidanceGuidance and InformationFAQs123/04/2020

Should you require more information, please contact us at 020 7432 3011 or email [email protected]