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In this section you will find the following documents that DCUSA Parties are obliged to publish under the DCUSA as well as the Charging Methodology models and other information:
  • Current Charging Methodology Models
    •  Common Distribution Charging Methodology (CDCM) Model
    • Extra High Voltage (EHV) Distribution Charging Methodology (EDCM)
      • Long Run Incremental Cost (LRIC) Model
      • Forward Cost Pricing (FCP) Model
    • Price Control Disaggregation Model (PCDM)
    • Annual Review Pack (ARP) Model
  • Previous Charging Methodology Models
    • Method M Model (PCDM)
    • Extended Method M Model (EPCDM)
  • DNO Charging Information
    • Quarterly Cost Information Tables
    • Published Annual Review Packs
Name Document Type Document Category Version/Revision Date Published
User Guide AMI_v2_2021-22 Pre-ReleasePublicationsAMI Tool2.014/11/2019
AMI_v2_2021-22 Pre-ReleasePublicationsAMI Tool2.014/11/2019
CDCM v3(332) 2020-21 Pre-ReleasePublicationsCDCM Model308/11/2019
EDCM-FCP v4(332) 2020-21 Pre-ReleasePublicationsEDCM Model408/11/2019
EDCM-LRIC v4(332) 2020-21 Pre-ReleasePublicationsEDCM Model408/11/2019
ARP v5 2021-22 Pre-ReleasePublicationsAnnual Review Pack Model508/11/2019
EDCM-FCP v6 2021-22 Pre-ReleasePublicationsEDCM Model608/11/2019
User Guide EDCM-FCP v4 2021-22 Pre-ReleasePublicationsEDCM Model408/11/2019
User Guide_EDCM-LRIC v4 2021-22 Pre-ReleasePublicationsEDCM Model408/11/2019
EDCM-LRIC v6 2021-22 Pre-ReleasePublicationsEDCM Model608/11/2019

If you have any questions on the DCUSA or the administration of it, please contact the helpdesk at or on 020 7432 3011.