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DCP 417 Working Group

DCP 417 Working Group

  • Status Live
  • Terms of Reference View
  • Parent Change Proposal 417 - Ability for the DCUSA Secretariat to Raise Change Proposals
  • Summary Of Purpose

    This change seeks to grant the ability to the Secretariat to raise Change Proposals where it identifies a change that would better facilitate the DCUSA Objectives and to introduce an obligation for the Secretariat to raise Change Proposals in certain circumstances, such as at the direction of the Authority.


1. Working Group - Development of solution and consultation
2 weeks
1. in progress

The Working Group is currently developing the DCP 417 consultation document with the aim of releasing on 01 May 2023.

2. Consultation
3 weeks
1. not started

Consultation will be issued to industry on 01 May 2023.

3. Working Group - review consultation responses and finalise solution
6 weeks
1. not started

Review and respond to consultation responses.

2. not started

Refine solution and produce draft Change Report.

4. Party Voting
3 weeks
1. not started

DCUSA Parties to submit their votes.

Original estimate: 14 weeks / Revised estimate: 14 weeks