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DCP 359-CMP334 Joint DCUSA-CUSC Working Group

DCP 359-CMP334 Joint DCUSA-CUSC Working Group



  • Status Ceased
  • Secretariat Support Dylan Townsend
  • Parent Change Proposal 359 - Ofgem Targeted Charging Review Implementation: Customers – who should pay?
  • Summary Of Purpose

    The Authority published on 21 November 2019 a Direction to the DNOs and NGESO to raise such modifications as are necessary to give effect to their Decision(s) under the Targeted Charging Review (TCR) SCR. Whilst multiple changes/modifications have been raised across both the CUSC and the DCUSA, both CMP334 and DCP359 seek to define the terms ‘Final Demand’ and ‘Site’ which will be the basis upon which the developing methodologies for the Residual to be applied only to ‘Final Demand’ on a ‘Site’ basis (as per the Direction). It was determined that a cross-code working group be set up in order to ensure consistency between DCUSA and CUSC in specific areas such as the aforementioned definitions. You can find the documentation related to CMP334 via the link below: