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DCP 358-360 Joint Working Group

DCP 358-360 Joint Working Group

  • Status Ceased
  • Terms of Reference View
  • Secretariat Support Dylan Townsend
  • Parent Change Proposal 360 - Ofgem Targeted Charging Review Implementation: Allocation to Bands and Interventions
  • Summary Of Purpose

    The Panel established a Joint Working Group for the following DCUSA Change Proposals (DCPs) 358, 359, 360 and 361. In establishing this Joint Working Group, the Panel agreed that it should be for that Working Group to consider and decide whether there is a need to establish subsequent Working Groups whose duties will be to assess one or more of the DCPs, whether in isolation or grouped where it considers it beneficial to do so.for the purpose of undertaking the activities of the Definition Procedure as is set out in Clause 11.14 of the DCUSA. Following an initial meeting of the original group, it was agreed that DCP 358 and DCP 360 could be jointly developed via a Working Group due to the synergies between the two and as a result, this Working Group was formed.