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DCP 266

DCP 266

  • Status Ceased
  • Secretariat Support Dylan Townsend
  • Parent Change Proposal 266 - The calculation and application of IDNO discounts
  • Summary Of Purpose

    The intent of this change proposal is to change the way in which DNO tariffs to IDNOs are calculated in the CDCM. Instead of calculating an IDNO percentage discount by comparing the avoided total cost (p/kWh) with the total cost (p/kWh) in the CDCM Price Control Disaggregation Model (PCDM), the intent of this change proposal is that the avoided total cost (p/kWh) calculated in the PCDM is compared with the average p/kWh figure for each All The Way (ATW) CDCM tariff in order to determine the IDNO % discount factor to be applied to each of the tariff components of the CDCM ATW tariff.