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DCP 223 Working Group

DCP 223 Working Group

  • Status Ceased
  • Parent Change Proposal 223 - To Introduce into Governance a Process to Effectively Manage the Late Payment of DCUSA Ltd Invoices by Parties
  • Summary Of Purpose

    To incorporate into Governance the management of late payment of DCUSA Ltd invoices

    The WG should consider making reference to both the “Late Payment of Commercial Debts Regulations 2013” and the Scottish late payment legislation “Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Scotland) Regulations 2013” in the suggested legal text.

    The WG should also consider the process by which DCUSA Ltd will notify Parties of Late Payment (e.g. contacting both the finance departments and/or the DCUSA Contract Managers initially). Additionally if payment is not received within the 20 days of that notice, consider whether the Panel will be asked to notify the Party concerned and/or notifying all Parties of the breach.