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DCP 222 Working Group

DCP 222 Working Group

  • Status Ceased
  • Summary Of Purpose

    To allow Network operators to not charge reactive power charges to generators who operate, at the instruction of the network operator, with a power factor less than 0.95.

    As highlighted in the System Operability Framework issued by National Grid in September 2014, there is currently a rapidly emerging issue around falling var demand leading to high voltage levels on the National Electricity Transmission System operated by National Grid under low load conditions. Following recent Statement of Works Applications to National Grid under the CUSC we are adding connection conditions to generation connection offers to operate to help control reactive flows. These may result in generators being required to operate outside of the 0.95 power factor limit to help with this system wide voltage control issue. As such those generators would currently be charged an excess reactive power charge. This is unfair given that those generators would be doing so for wider system benefits of all customers. The removal of the excess reactive power charge would therefore be appropriate where a DNO requests a generator to operate outside of the 0.95 power factor limit.||