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Distribution Charging Methodologies Development Group (DCMDG)

  • Status Live
  • Secretariat Support Amina Uddin
  • Parent Change Proposal 289 - Creation of Distribution Charging Methodology Development Group
  • Summary Of Purpose

    This group has been created as a result of DCP 289 and brings together into one new combined group the work of the DCMF, DCMF MIG and the DCM. Ofgem approved DCP 289 on 24 August 2017 and the resultant DCMDG became a formal part of DCUSA on 1st September 2017 with DCUSA Release v.9.4.

    The DCMDG is a standing issues working group for the Use of System Charging Methodologies and related topics within DCUSA.

Objectives of the DCMDG include:

  • Meeting periodically with any person whose interests are materially affected by one or more of the Use of System Charging Methodologies
  • Reviewing issues relating to the Use of System Charging Methodologies that are submitted to it by Panel or DCMDG Issue Forms
  • Carrying out pre-assessment of issues and providing the Panel with an early view as to the potential impact of Change Proposals that may be proposed from time to time


The CDCM, EDCM, PCDM, ARP and associated User Manuals can be found here.

To raise an issue to the DCMDG, please fill in the DCMDG Issues Form found at the link below, and email to

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DCMDG Issues Form283.05 KB

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