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Voting Phase – DCP 391 Change Report

  • Start Date 21/05/2021 08:00:00
  • End Date 11/06/2021 05:00:00
  • Type Change Proposal Solution and Change Proposal Implementation Date
  • Description

    The Panel considered the DCP 391 Change Report during their meeting on 19 May 2021, where it was determined that it contained a sufficient level of information in order for Parties to understand and vote on the Change Proposal. The Panel agreed that all Parties may be impacted by the Change Proposal and that therefore, all Parties would be eligible to vote. It was agreed for the Change Report to be issued to Parties on 21 May 2021 for a period of 14 Working Days, ending on 11 June 2021.

Related Changes

Number Title Status Implementation Date Impacted Parties
391Retail Code Consolidation Significant Code ReviewAwaiting Consent01/09/2021CVA Registrant, Distribution Network Operator (DNO), Gas Supplier, Independent Distribution Network Operator (IDNO), Offshore Transmission System Operator (OTSO), Supplier

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