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DCP 412 Working Group Meeting 25

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DCP 412 Working Group Meeting 25

The DCUSA Secretariat would like to record this Working Group meeting. The purpose of this recording is purely to aid the Technical Secretariat in producing an accurate report of the meeting. The recording will be deleted after 15 Working Days. If you object to this meeting being recorded, please let us know prior to the meeting starting.

  • Start Date 02/11/2023 10:00:00
  • End Date 02/11/2023 01:00:00
  • Type Teleconference
  • Location Microsoft Teams
  • Parent Working Group DCP 412 Working Group
  • Parent Change Proposal DCP-412
  • Meeting Summary

    The Working Group will discuss the approach to DCP 412, taking into consideration the consultation responses, feedback from Ofgem and the views of the Working Group members, and agree what next steps are necessary to progress towards the second consultation.

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