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DCP 411 ‘Charging De-energised sites’ Consultation 2

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DCP 411 ‘Charging De-energised sites’ Consultation 2

  • Start Date 25/01/2023 12:00:00
  • End Date 17/02/2023 05:00:00
  • Parent Working Group DCP 411 Working Group
  • Parent Change Proposal DCP-411
  • Meeting Summary

    This consultation is issued to DCUSA Parties and any other interested Parties in accordance with Clause 11.14 of the DCUSA, seeking industry views on DCP 411 ‘Charging De-energised Sites’.

    Parties are invited to consider the questions set in the consultation and submit comments using the form (Attachment 1) provided to [email protected] by 5pm on 17 February 2023.

    The Working Group will consider the consultation responses and determine the appropriate next steps for the progression of the Change Proposal.

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