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DCP 397 Change Report – Voting Round

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DCP 397 Change Report – Voting Round

  • Start Date 18/05/2022 05:00:00
  • End Date 10/06/2022 11:30:00
  • Type Change Proposal Solution and Change Proposal Implementation Date
  • Parent Working Group DCP 397 Working Group
  • Parent Change Proposal DCP-397
  • Meeting Summary

    This Change Report is issued in accordance with Clause 11.20 of the DCUSA, and details DCP 397 ‘Modification of the Load Managed Area Notice Template’.
    Parties are invited to consider the proposed amendment (Attachments 1 & 2 within the Change Report) by either using the online voting form available on the DCP 397 Change Proposal page or submit their votes using the Voting form (Attachment 3) to [email protected] by 10 June 2022.

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