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DCP 361 Consultation

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DCP 361 Consultation

  • Start Date 28/05/2020 08:00:00
  • End Date 18/06/2020 05:00:00
  • Parent Working Group DCP 361 Working Group
  • Parent Change Proposal DCP-361
  • Meeting Summary

    DCP 361 seek to implement certain areas of Ofgem’s TCR Decision; specifically relating to the calculation of charges. DCP 361 addresses paragraphs 17-19, paragraph 24-28 and paragraph 30, whilst having regard for paragraphs 34 and 36-39, of the TCR Direction. Specifically, DCP 361 seeks to amend the appropriate Charging Methodologies which will provide for the calculation of residual fixed charges based on the definitions developed under DCP 359 and the processes developed under DCP 358 and DCP 360. The DCP 361 Working Group have drafted this consultation to gather views and feedback from market participants on the solution that has been developed.

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