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Embedded Capacity Register

What is the Embedded Capacity Register?

The Embedded Capacity Register (ECR) is a register published by each DNO/IDNO on their websites consisting of site-specific data items for sites which are connected to the DNO/IDNO Party’s Distribution System (or which are the subject of an accepted connection offer to be connected to the Distribution System), and which: (a) have an import capacity of 1 MW or more and are subject to a DSR Contract; and/or (b) have an export capacity of 1 MW or more. The required register format and data items are described within the ‘Agreed Version’ which can be found below.

Within the DCUSA document, you can find the processes, procedures and Party obligations related to the ECR under Clause 35C. ‘PROVISION OF AN EMBEDDED CAPACITY REGISTER’ of Section 2A and in SCHEDULE 31 ‘EMBEDDED CAPACITY REGISTER’

Frequency by which each DNO/IDNO ECR is to be updated?

Within 10 Working Days following the end of each month, each DNO and IDNO will publish on their websites an updated ECR using the latest available information it holds as at the end of that month.

Embedded Capacity Register Template

Embedded Capacity Register – Change Request Form

You can download the current ‘Agreed Version’ of the Embedded Capacity Register Template by clicking on the link below in the table below: If you believe that the ECR Template could be improved upon, which might include adding or removing a specific data item and/or the alteration of the definition of a data item, then you can download the Change Request Form (link in the table below), complete the required fields and submit to [email protected]

Continue scrolling to read more about the process for requesting a change to the ECR Template.


Name File Size
Embedded Capacity Register – Change Request Form295.42 KB
Embedded Capacity Register Template – Agreed Version 3.0105.54 KB
Embedded Capacity Register_Agreed Version 4.0_Mandatory from 02.11.20232.96 MB

Amendments to the ECR

The Panel oversees the process by which the Agreed Version of the ECR may be altered. Such alteration may include the addition to or removal from the Agreed Version of a specific data item, and/or the alteration of the definition of a data item.

Any person (whether or not a DCUSA Party) can apply to the Panel requesting that the Agreed Version is altered by notice in writing to the Panel Secretary at [email protected]

Once an amendment request has been received a member of the DCUSA team will liaise with you to ensure that all the required information has been captured. The following steps are then completed:

  • Details of the requested amendment published on this page and an email notification, will be issued to all DCUSA Contract Managers, in which we will invite Parties to provide any representations or objections with respect to the proposed amendment.
  • Parties will be given 10 working days to provide any comments, following which, all responses will be published on the DCUSA Website, unless marked as confidential.
  • The request to amend the ECR, will then be added to the agenda for the next DCUSA Panel meeting, for their consideration at that meeting.
  • During the Panel meeting, the Panel will review the request to amend the ECR and give consideration to any representations or objections received from Parties, and will then either approve (or not as the case may be) the requested amendments.
  • In approving an amendment to the ECR, the Panel may impose any conditions as it sees fit, including specifying whether a transition period is to apply and the length of any transition period.
  • Parties will be notified of the outcome via an email issued to all DCUSA Contract Managers and the status will be updated on this page.

If you require any further information or assistance before submitting a request to amend the ECR template, please contact the DCUSA team at [email protected]

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