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Current and Future developments

DCUSA's Journey to Digitalisation

For DCUSA, the objective of digitalisation is to improve the products and services it offers along with enhancing the customer satisfaction levels of all user groups. The goal of digitalisation is to support workflow efficiencies for better code management and a more effective DCUSA. This will ultimately lead to better regulation and increased customer protection.

Visit our Video Library to learn more about the new features being released:

Video Library

Usability workshops

DCUSA started its digitalisation journey by conducting some primary research which involved speaking to party members. Through a series of Usability Workshops, a detailed assessment of the experiences and satisfaction levels of different user types was undertaken. Participants were asked to provide details of their experiences at each specific user touchpoint. These experiences, especially the pain points, were then discussed within the workshops to help find a set of common themes and experiences across the different user groups. Participants were given the opportunity to express their views on how and where improvements to the service could be made, along with the areas that digitalisation should focus on. These ideas were shared with a wider user group and further expanded.

Phase One

Completed in May 2022

The following developments were delivered in this phase:

  • Rebuilding of the site navigation
  • New site-wide page layout and styling
  • The introduction of online change request forms
  • Redesign of the change register section
  • New Advanced Search functionality
  • New change request lifecycle view
  • Introduction of Tooltips
  • New user comments section
  • New open forum for online discussion
  • Remodelled and enhanced the website calendar
  • Plus, many other features…

Phase Two

Completed in June 2023

The following developments were delivered in this phase:

  • A new database driven DCUSA document
  • A dynamic and interactive document
  • New and old schedule legal text highlighted
  • Easy access to appendices and related documents
  • Improved filtering and views on document changes
  • Advance call, lookup, and search functionality
  • Call on and cross-reference services outside of DCUSA
  • Ability to make external API calls
  • Sandbox environment and easy CMS admin
  • Plus, many other features…

Phase Three

Scheduled for completion in May 2024

The following developments are scheduled to be delivered in this phase:

  • Digital Document and DCUSA main site integration
  • Advance legal text comparison feature including track changes
  • Cross code changes view
  • Change Proposal page modifications
  • Pre-release new legal text visibility
  • Customised email notifications
  • Dynamic CP document view and access
  • Advanced custom word search
  • Section and Schedule focus recommendations
  • Continuous document scrolling
  • My Favourites feature
  • Improved document download options
  • Single Sign-On