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DCUSA Panel and Board

DCUSA Panel and Board

The panel must act in a manner designed to achieve the following objectives:

  • That the DCUSA is given effect in such a manner as will facilitate achievement of the DCUSA Objectives.
  • That the DCUSA is given effect without undue discrimination between the Parties or any classes of Party.
  • That the DCUSA is given full and prompt effect in accordance with its terms and conditions​.
  • That the DCUSA is given effect in a fair and economical manner​.

Panel members are appointed by means of an election process that occurs annually. Elected panel members are also appointed as directors of DCUSA ltd.

The DCUSA panel should consist of:

  • 2 Supplier Representatives​ (each with an Alternate) * One Alternate position is currently vacant.
  • 2 DNO Representatives ​ (each with an Alternate)
  • 1 CVA Registrant Representative ​(and an Alternate) ​ *Alternate position is currently vacant.
  • 1 IDNO Representative ​(and an Alternate)

Simon Vicary 

Simon joined the energy industry in 1990 as an engineering graduate. Initially training as a Distribution Engineer he then moved to the commercial side of the business.

Throughout his career he has led teams of multi-disciplinary professionals across a variety of commercial, regulatory and analytical disciplines, spending over eight years leading the EDF Energy team forecasting DUoS and other non-energy costs.

He is currently the Senior Manager for Charging Development at EDF Energy with responsibility for changes relating to network charges. He has proposed several Connection and Use of  System Code (CUSC) changes and been a member of numerous industry workgroups. He is also a member of the Open Networks Project Advisory Group and has previously been a member of workgroups for DCUSA modifications.

Peter Waymont

Peter is Income Services Manager at UK Power Networks with responsibility for DUoS billing, Connection Agreements, Unmetered Supplies Operations and DCUSA matters.

He has worked in the industry for more than 30 years, having started out training to qualify as an accountant, and has taken various roles involving accounting, forecasting, pricing, billing and contract management.

Peter has been a Panel/Board member since DCUSA inception, having been part of the group which established the DCUSA.

Donna Townsend

Donna is Head of Regulations (Networks and Pipelines) at Energy Assets Networks and Pipelines (EAN/EAP), which operates final mile electricity and gas networks.  Donna’s main role is to develop and implement operational strategies driven by regulatory change in the energy market.

Donna has over 17 years’ experience in the independent energy network sector – a background which saw her actively involved in industry governance having managed the accreditation and market entry of one of the first licensed IDNOs. Donna has sat on the DCUSA Panel a number of times since the DCUSA was created and was also the first IDNO representative to chair the DCUSA Panel.

Simon Yeo (Oct 2011)

I have worked in the electricity industry for over 30 years; first with South Western Electricity Board (SWEB) and since 1999 with Western Power Distribution. I am currently Income and Connections Manager for WPD, where I have focused on commercial areas such as setting distribution prices and modelling of electricity sales, income and price control revenue.
I have taken part in many national groups mainly Distribution charging focused and chaired such groups as Distribution Charging Methodologies Forum (DCMF) and CDCM/EDCM review groups. I have sat on the DCUSA panel since April 2012 and also currently sit on the BSC SVG group. In addition I have taken part in numerous DCUSA change proposal groups and the current Ofgem led significant code reviews.

Donald Preston

Biography to follow

Kevin Woollard

2002 – Present: Regulatory Manager – British Gas Trading

  • Responsible for managing a range of industry agreements and service providers including gas network operators and electricity distribution businesses, including:
    • Balancing and Settlement Code
    • Distribution Connection and Use of System Agreement
    • Data Transfer Services Agreement
    • Meter Point Administration Service
    • Post Emergency Metering Agreements
    • iGT Uniform Network Code
    • Relationship and escalation management of all gas and electricity network owners

1998 – 2002: Commercial Manager – Siemens Metering Services (previously Eastern Metering Services)

  • Responsible for contract management, managing competitive tendering process and business development of metering related products

1978 – 1998: Eastern Electricity

  • Various operational and project management roles within the electricity supply business.

Tim Ellingham

Tim has been in the energy industry for the last 15 years, prior to that he was a scientist in photonics research and telecoms.

Through his time in energy, he has undertaken many roles in a broad range of business units and locations. His early years were spent in electrical and control engineering at coal and CCGT power stations. Later saw a move into the trading business of RWE where the experience was gained in ancillary services, power and gas market analysis, gas trading, asset optimisation and international ventures. In 2016 he moved into the regulatory field as Connections Manager and have been involved in many industry working groups spanning the main codes such as; Distribution Code, Grid Code, CUSC, BSC and now the DCUSA.

Karl Maryon

Biography to follow

Simon Brooke

Simon is the capacity strategy manager for Electricity North West and has over 28 years experience in the electricity supply industry working in a range of operational, commercial and regulatory roles. In his current role he leads the team that forecasts future demand and generation on the network and decides how network capacity is allocated or how it is created, if additional capacity is required.  Simon’s recent roles include regulation manager, smart meter programme manager and bid manager. As bid manager between 2010 – 2014 he was responsible for the creation, development and submission of second tier LCN Fund smart grid projects. In 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 Simon was successful in gaining cumulatively £36 million of funding to deliver the C2C (Capacity to Customers), CLASS (Customer Load Active System Services), Smart Street and Respond projects respectively.