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DCUSA Document Archive

​This section contains previous versions of the DCUSA.

You can access the previous versions by clicking on the version number. Similarly, you can access the Change Proposals that were implemented in each of the versions by clicking the DCP number in the column on the right hand side.

Title Version Date Released File Size CP Implemented
DCUSA v12.3 – Publicv12.311/07/202011.15 MB350
DCUSA v12.3 Pre-Releasev12.3 Pre-Release02/07/202012.69 MB-
DCUSA v12.2_Publicv12.225/06/20209.13 MB357, 365 , 366, 367, 370
DCUSA v12.1_Public12.101/04/20208.96 MB306, 311, 332, 348
DCUSA v12.0 Public.pdfv12.027/02/20209.61 MB326, 351
v12.0 Pre-Release – Publicv12.0 Pre-Release20/02/20209.65 MB-
DCUSA v11.4_Publicv11.426/11/201910.37 MB345
v11.4 Pre-Release – Publicv11.4 Pre-Release19/11/201910.47 MB-
Additional 2020/21 Charging Methodologies Pre-Release: Issued October 2019-17/10/20193.66 MB-
Updated 2021-22 DCUSA Charging Methodologies Pre-Release-Issued November 2019-14/11/20193.81 MB-