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DCUSA Document

Entire Agreement

Please find below the current version of the Distribution and Connection Use of System Agreement (DCUSA).

Separate Sections and Schedules

Please find below a list of the sections and schedules that make up the entire DCUSA which have been split out for ease of reference. Please note, should there be a difference between the sections and schedules and full text version of the DCUSA document, the full text version takes precedent over the Sections and Schedules published below.

Please note: following a request from DCUSA Parties, the content of Schedule 23 ‘Theft of Electricity Protection Code of Practice’ can only be viewed in the password protected section of the DCUSA website. This applies to the entire agreement and the separate Sections and Schedules. If you have not already done so, you will need to log in to access this section of the website.

For previously published versions please go to the DCUSA Document archive section​.

Title Version Date Released File Size CP Implemented
DCUSA v14.1v14.101/04/20229.06 MB349, 361, 380, 398

By section

Release Date Type of Release Title Related CRs.
24/02/2022 Standard DCUSA Release Date February 2022 DCUSA Release 396, 390, 383, 375
01/04/2022 Standard DCUSA Release Date April 2022 DCUSA Release 398, 380, 361, 349
23/06/2022 Standard DCUSA Release Date June 2022 DCUSA Release 402 , 386
03/11/2022 Standard DCUSA Release Date November 2022 DCUSA Release


​Please find here a redlined version of the DCUSA Pre-Release including the legal text of all approved Change Proposals which are due to be implemented with the next DCUSA. For changes which impact upon the charging methodologies model, a pre-release of the model is included.

Title Version Date Released File Size CP Implemented
DCUSA v14.1 Pre-Releasev14.1 Pre-Release25/03/20227.97 MB-

For previous versions please consult the archive section​.