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Name Title Status
DCMDG ‘AAR Lessons Learnt’ Subgroup-Live
DCP 440 Working GroupConsuming “de-energised” sitesLive
DCP 439 Working GroupBackdating Tariff ChangesLive
DCP 437 Working GroupTo Shorten the DUoS Pricing Notice PeriodsLive
DCP 438 Working GroupRate of Return Change ProposalCeased
DCP 436 Working GroupDate change for the provision of Rota Load Block Alpha Identifiers and potential provision of additional dataCeased
DCUSA SIG Sub-Group – DIF 71-Live
DCP 433 Working GroupLimitation for backdating of rebates/charges under Schedule 32Ceased
DCP 429 Working GroupObtaining an Independent Credit AssessmentCeased
DCP 428 Working GroupZero REP-002/A DataAccepted
DCP 425 Working GroupCost Apportionment Factor “cap” MethodologyCeased
DCMDG ‘Private Networks’ Subgroup-Live
DCUSA SIG Sub-Group – DIF 67-Live
DCP 424 Working GroupUse of System charging for Complex SitesLive
DCP 423 Working GroupLDNO Discounts for Negative ScalingLive
DCP 421 Working GroupUpdate the Tables in Schedule 15 of DCUSALive
DCP 422 Working GroupAccess SCR Clarifications and CorrectionsCeased
DCP 420 Working GroupInclude Car Charging Stations In The Definition For Non Final DemandLive
DCP 419 Working GroupPre-Notifications of Planned Supply De-EnergisationsLive
DCP 417 Working GroupAbility for the DCUSA Secretariat to Raise Change ProposalsCeased
MHHS DCUSA Stakeholder Group-Live
DCP 416 Working GroupElectronic Invoicing Post MHHSLive
DCP 415 Working GroupReplacement of D0242/D0315 for MHHSInactive
DCUSA SIG Sub-Group – DIF 64Date change for the provision of Rota Load Block Alpha Identifiers and potential provision of additional dataLive
DCUSA SIG Sub-Group – DIF 65-Live
DCP 413 Working GroupValue of a User’s Credit Allowance in Schedule 1Ceased
DCP 414 Working GroupTransitional Protection for NHH CT Customers affected by regulatory changeCeased
DCP 412 Working GroupAllocation of banding for TCR Charges for ‘Peaky’ Final Demand CustomersLive
DCP 411 Working GroupCharging De-energised sitesCeased
DCP 410 Working GroupFairer re-assessment of the allocation of Final Demand Sites prior to subsequent price control periodsCeased
DCP 409 Working GroupChange to Credit cover calculations to include Last Resort Supply PaymentCeased
DCP 403 Working GroupClarify the application of the TCR fixed chargeCeased
DCP 399 Working GroupRevision to Embedded Capacity Register (ECR) to lower threshold for entries from 1MW to 50kWCeased
DCP 405 Working GroupAccess SCR: Managing Curtailable Connections between Licensed Distribution NetworksCeased
DCP 404 Working GroupAccess SCR: Changes to Terms of Connection for Curtailable CustomersCeased
DCP 407 Working GroupAccess SCR: Speculative DevelopmentCeased
DCP 406 Working GroupAccess SCR: Changes to CCCMCeased
DCUSA SIG Sub-Group – DIF 62-Ceased
DCP 400 Working GroupCommissioning of Works using shared Meter Operator services by the Crowded Meter Room CoordinatorCeased
DCMDG Issue 09 Sub-Group-Ceased
DCP 395 Working GroupAllocation of Smart Meter Communication Licence costs within LDNO TariffsCeased
DCP 397 Working GroupModification of the Load Managed Area Notice TemplateCeased
Rationalisation & Simplification of DCUSA Working Group-Ceased
DCP 394 Working GroupAllow any REC Accredited Meter Operator to De-Energise any Metering PointCeased
DCP 392 Working GroupCharging of Third Party DNO Works to Transmission Connection UsersCeased
DCP 389 Working GroupTCR – Clarification on Exceptional Circumstances and Allocation Review for ‘New’ SitesCeased
DCP 388 Working GroupAmendments to Facilitate Appropriate Residual Charging for Sites with a Mix of Final and Non-Final DemandLive
DCP 387 Working GroupAmendment to the Definition of Non-Final Demand Site to Align with CUSCCeased
DCP 386 Working GroupSharing Network Information with Owners and OccupiersCeased
DCP 390 Working GroupProvision of Isolations for Safe Working on Customers’ Electrical InstallationsCeased
Disputes Committee-Live
DCP 383 Working GroupProvision for Distributors to Move Meters for Service AlterationsCeased
DCP 375 Working GroupAmendments to the Unmetered Supplies National Terms of ConnectionCeased
DCUSA Training-Accepted
DCP 371 Working GroupLast resort arrangements for Distributors to manage specific consumer connected devicesCeased
DCUSA SIG Sub-Group – DIF 59-Ceased
DCP 364 Working GroupProvision of Information on Suppliers Emergency Metering Service ProvisionsCeased
DCP 361 Working GroupOfgem Targeted Charging Review Implementation: Calculation of ChargesCeased
DCP 358-360 Joint Working GroupOfgem Targeted Charging Review Implementation: Allocation to Bands and InterventionsCeased
DCP 358-359-360-361 Joint Working Group-Ceased
DCP 359-CMP334 Joint DCUSA-CUSC Working GroupOfgem Targeted Charging Review Implementation: Customers – who should pay?Ceased
Joint DCP 352, 353, 354 and 355 Working GroupCDCM Modelling Assumptions HousekeepingCeased
Isolations for Safe working Working Group-Ceased
DCP 348 Working Group-Ceased
DCP 350 Working Group-Ceased
DCP 349 Working GroupEffectiveness of the current provision of unsecured cover under Schedule 1Ceased
DCP 345 Working GroupSandbox ApplicationCeased
DCP 344 Working GroupSolutions for a new approach to billing and remittanceCeased
TRAM Review Group-Ceased
DCP 340 Working GroupNotice period required to recover approved last resort supply payment claims which breach the materiality thresholdCeased
DCP 343 Working GroupUse of a nominated calculation agent for the calculation of the LV mains splitCeased
DCP 341 Working GroupRemoval of residual charging for storage facilities in the CDCMCeased
DCP 342 Working GroupRemoval of residual charging for storage facilities in the EDCMCeased
DCP 336 Working GroupRota Disconnections and the publication of data by Nominated Central SourceCeased
DCP 329Amend Requirements for Emergency De-energisation in Schedule 2B – National Terms of ConnectionCeased
DCP 332 Working GroupAppropriate treatment and allocation of Last Resort Supply Payment claim costsCeased
DCP 333 Working GroupAppropriate treatment and allocation of eligible use of system bad debt costsCeased
DCP 328 Working GroupUse of system charging for private networks with competition in supplyCeased
DCP 321 Working GroupRemoval of residual charging for embedded generators in the EDCMCeased
DCP 325 Working GroupReviewing the requirements of Sections 35A (‘Provision of Cost Information’), 35B (‘Production of the Annual Review Pack’), Schedule 15 (‘Cost Information Table’) and Schedule 20 (‘Production of the Annual Review Pack’)Live
DCP 326 Working GroupIntroduction of Load Diversification Identifiers for Load Managed AreasCeased
DCP 319 Working GroupRemoval of residual charging for embedded generators in the CDCMCeased
Theft Best Parctice Forum-Ceased
Theft Best Practice Forum-Ceased
DCP 314 Working GroupAppropriate treatment of Bad Debt following appointment of Supplier of Last ResortCeased
DCP 311 Working GroupClarification of NUF cap and collar calculationsCeased
DCP 313 Working GroupEligibility Criteria for EDCM Generation CreditsCeased
DCP 312 Working GroupStandardisation of the Reporting of HH Portfolio Billing Data by EDNOsCeased
DCP 307 Working GroupRequiring IDNOs to comply with D2021 billingCeased
DCP 305 Working GroupLDNO Boundary Level Definitions in the EDCMCeased
Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)-Live
Distribution Charging Methodologies Development Group (DCMDG)Creation of Distribution Charging Methodology Development GroupLive
DCP 306 ‘Treatment of Ofgem Licence Fees within the PCDM’Treatment of Ofgem Licence Fees within the PCDMCeased
DCP 295 Working GroupCVA Registrants acceding to the DCUSACeased
Theft Issues GroupClarify Distributor reporting requirement to the ETTOS Service ProviderCeased
Procurement Working Group-Ceased
DCP 291 Working GroupApplication of Generation Credits to EDCM CustomersCeased
DCP 294 Working GroupCapacity Management following acceptance of Connection OfferCeased
DCP 293 Working GroupCharging Methodology Cut-off DateCeased
Market Testing Project Group-Ceased
DCP 289 Working GroupCreation of Distribution Charging Methodology Development GroupCeased
DCP 287 Working GroupGeneration credits in the EDCMCeased
DCP 283 Working GroupThe calculation of generation credits in the CDCMCeased
DCP 284 Working GroupThe Application of Scaling to Generation Credits in the CDCMCeased
DCP 282 Working GroupEmbedded Distribution Network Operator (EDNO) UMSOCeased
DCP 281 Working GroupChanges to Schedule 19 – Portfolio BillingCeased
Theft Issues Group (TIG)Amendment to Code of Practice Confirmed Theft DefinitionCeased
DCP 279 Working GroupLinking Credit Cover to the Annual Iteration ProcessCeased
Theft Steering Group-Ceased
DCP 273Align CDCM table 1001 (target revenue) to latest Schedule 15 templateCeased
Joint SPAA EC and DCUSA Panel Meeting-Ceased
DCP 274 Working GroupThe Application of Export Capacity Charges in the EDCMCeased
DCUSA Standing Issues Group (SIG) Subgroup-Ceased
DCP 270 Working GroupRemoval of HV Medium tariff from CDCMCeased
TRAS Expert Group – Open Session-Ceased
TRAS Expert Group – Closed Session-Ceased
ETTOS Working Group-Ceased
DCP 266The calculation and application of IDNO discountsCeased
DCP 267 Working GroupIntroduction of a new definition for ‘Confirmed Theft’Ceased
DCP 268 Working GroupDUoS Charging Using HH settlement dataCeased
DCP 263 Working GroupNTC DEH GapCeased
DCP 260TRAS Incident Single Point of ContactCeased
DCP 254 Working GroupTRAS De Minimis ThresholdCeased
DCP 247Introduction of TRAS Dispute ProcedureCeased
DCP 262Schedule 19 Credit/Re-invoice for HH Specific DataCeased
Interventions Working GroupService Level Agreement for Resolving Network Operational IssuesLive
DCP 253 Working GroupRetightening and Remaking Of Whole Current Metering System Terminal ConnectionsCeased
DCP 255 Working GroupChanges to Electricity (Connection Charges) Regulations 2002Ceased
DCP 259 Working GroupCMP223 – Enduring Generation User CommitmentCeased
DCP 256 Working GroupChange to DCUSA to mitigate risks of non-payment of non-payment of DCUSA invoicesCeased
DCP 251 Working GroupClarification And Extension Of The Application Of LDNO Tariffs Under The CDCMCeased
DCP 252 Working GroupClarification And Extension Of The Application Of Portfolio Tariffs Under The EDCMCeased
DCP 249 Working GroupChanges to Schedule 15 spreadsheets to reflect RIIO ED1Ceased
DCP 248 Working GroupProviding protection for customers against being charged inappropriate capacity charges during the implementation of P272Ceased
Theft Risk Assessment Service Working Group (TWG)-Ceased
DCP 243 Working GroupTreatment of Customer Contributions in the CDCMCeased
DCP 244 Working GroupMOP Leaving Site for Cat A SituationsCeased
DCP 242 Working GroupDefer the Implementation of Changes to Excess Capacity ChargesCeased
DCP 241 Working GroupProvision of a Single Charging and Cost Information ModelCeased
DCP 238 Working GroupNotice Period for Non DUoS ChargesCeased
DCP 240 Working GroupNominated Calculation Agent to calculate the LV Mains SplitCeased
DCP 235 Working GroupProvision of Service Termination Equipment InformationCeased
DCP 235 Working GroupProvision of Service Termination Equipment InformationCeased
DCP 234 Working GroupMerging the PCDM and extended PCDMCeased
DCP 230 Working GroupRate of Return Enduring SolutionCeased
DCP 231 Working GroupExtended PCDM Under the EDCMCeased
DCP 195A Post-Implementation Review Working Group-Ceased
DCP 232 Working GroupGP and GL SolutionCeased
DCP 229 Working GroupGeneric Import Charge for GeneratorsCeased
DCP 226 – Housekeeping 66/72/73/77/80Housekeeping 66/72/73/77/80Ceased
DCP 227 Working GroupRemoving the inconsistency in the application of Peaking Probabilities in the CDCMCeased
DCP 228 Working GroupRevenue Matching in the CDCMCeased
DCP 222 Working Group-Ceased
DCP 222Non billing of excess Reactive Power chargesCeased
DCP 224 Working GroupRate of Return Enduring SolutionCeased
DCP 223 Working GroupTo Introduce into Governance a Process to Effectively Manage the Late Payment of DCUSA Ltd Invoices by PartiesCeased
Theft Assessment Calculator Project Working Group-Ceased
DCP 225 Working GroupTheft Risk Assessment Service – Party obligationsCeased
DCP 218-Ceased
218Licence Derogation NotificationCeased
DCP 216 Working GroupAmending The EDCM Model FormatCeased
DCP 213 Working GroupProviding Clarity on Late Payment of DCUSA Invoices being considered in Breach of DCUSACeased
Dual Fuel TRAS Working Group-Ceased
DCP 214 Working GroupVotingCeased
DCP 210 Working GroupThe Assessment timetableCeased
DCP 211 Working GroupEnhance transparency of DCUSA Change ManagementCeased
DCP 212 Working GroupAlign the Extended PCDM Model with the Legal TextCeased
DCP 209 Working GroupResolving Unregistered CustomersCeased
Dual Fuel TRAS Working Group-Ceased
DCP 207 Working GroupAmending Licence & DCUSA Derogation ScopeCeased
DCP 206 Working GroupRemoval of Charge 1 from the EDCMCeased
DCP 204 Working GroupSmart Metering Related Amendments to Schedule 8Ceased
DCUSA Budget Consultation 2014/15-Ceased
DCP 205 Working GroupRecovery Of Costs Due To Load And Generation Increases From Existing Customers In RIIO-ED1Ceased
DCP 203 Working GroupThe Rationalisation of Discount Factors used to Determine LDNO Use of System Tariffs relating to UMS Connections on Embedded Distribution Networks and the associated LDNO tariffsCeased
DCP 200 Working GroupUnmetered Supplies – revision to Schedule 22 of the DCUSA (the Common Connection Charging Methodology)Ceased
TRAS – SPAA/DCUSA Joint Meeting-Ceased
DCP 198 Working GroupAlign the PCDM Model with the Legal TextCeased
DCP 196 Working GroupPanel Ability To Refer A Change Proposal To The DCUSA Standing Issues Group For Pre-assessment.Ceased
DCUSA Discussion Teleconference-Ceased
DCP 195 Working GroupService Level Agreement for Resolving Network Operational IssuesCeased
Quarterly DNO Stakeholder Teleconference-Ceased
DCP 190 Working GroupCredit for equipment recovery associated with temporary connectionsCeased
DCP 183 Working GroupTo Convert the super red KWH to KVA when calculating the EDCM tariffsCeased
DCP 185 Working GroupLDNO discount on 20% of residual revenueCeased
DCP 189 Working GroupUn-expired capitalised O&MCeased
DCP 182 Working GroupRemoval of Disconnection NoticeCeased
DCP 181 Working GroupPrevious Connection Terms EnduringCeased
DCP 178 Working GroupNotification period for change to use of system chargesCeased
DCP 179 Working GroupAmending the CDCM tariff structureCeased
DCP 176 Working GroupHousekeeping Change for Disconnection DefinitionCeased
DCP 173 Working GroupRetrospective changes of Tariff (LLFC / Unique Identifier)Ceased
DCP 180 Working GroupFurther reduction in the volatility of Use of System ChargesCeased
DCP 174 Working GroupQualification and Application of LV Sub-Station TariffsCeased
DCP 175 Working GroupAdd National Terms of Connection Version ControlCeased
DCP 172 Working GroupClarification of way in which voltage rise is used in determining the New Network CapacityCeased
DCP 170 Working GroupCode Governance Review Phase 2Ceased
DCUSA Website User Group-Ceased
DCP 169 Working GroupSeasonal Time of Day (SToD) HH Metered Tariffs in the CDCMCeased
DCP 168 Working GroupThe Administration of Use of System charges relating to connections from Embedded Distribution Network Operator (EDNO) systems to Unmetered Supplies (UMS) for LA customers.Ceased
DCP 161 Working GroupExcess Capacity ChargesCeased
DCP 164 Working GroupReview of the change process for Use of System methodology changesCeased
DCP 163 Working GroupRemoval of HVS Tariffs from the CDCM MethodologyCeased
DCP 165 Working GroupVoltage Level Approach to Unit Charges in the CDCMCeased
DCP 162 Working GroupNon-Secure Connections in the Common Connections Charging MethodologyCeased
DCP 166 Working GroupAdditional text for the DNO Common Connection Charging Methodology to provide clarity where a customer requests a supply voltage in excess of the ‘minimum scheme’ for the capacity requested.Ceased
DCP 167 Working GroupAdditional example(s) for the Common Connection Charging Methodology to illustrate ‘remote reinforcement’ and ‘network reconfiguration’Ceased
DCP 159 Working GroupVolumes data in the CDCMCeased
DCP 160 Working GroupNon-Half Hourly (NHH) Notional CapacityCeased
DCP 158 Working GroupDNO DUoS Re EDNOsCeased
DCP 152 Working GroupImplementation of the combined EDCM for import and export chargesCeased
DCP 153 Working GroupService Level Agreement for Resolving Network Operational IssuesCeased
DCP 146 Working GroupHH Invoice RunsCeased
DCP 147 Working GroupPreventing UoS invoices containing non-UoS elements.Ceased
DCP 148 Working GroupRebilling to be done via Credit/Re-BillCeased
DCP 149 Working GroupProhibiting HH invoices containing data from 2 different clock time calendar monthsCeased
DCP 150 Working GroupImplementation of Notice in DCUSA for Changes to certain CDCM InputsCeased
DCP 151 Working GroupHH Aggregated tariffsCeased
DCP 138 Working GroupImplementation of alternative network use factor (NUF) calculation method in EDCMCeased
DCP 139 Working GroupNon-Application of FCP charge for Category 0000 CustomersCeased
DCP 141 Working GroupInvalid settlement classesCeased
DCP 142 Working GroupUsing D2021 for all invoices/credit notes if it is used at allCeased
DCP 143 Working GroupEstimating missing reactive dataCeased
DCP 144 Working GroupProhibiting rounding of HH dataCeased
DCP 145 Working GroupMandating compliance with D2021 processesCeased
DCP 135 Working GroupClarification of CDCM ChangesCeased
DCP 137 Working GroupIntroduction of locational tariffs for the export from HV generators in areas identified as generation dominated.Ceased
DCP 136 Working GroupNotice period for Asset Cost Changes in the CDCMCeased
DCP 133 Working Group500MW Network Common Model for CDCM InputCeased
DCP 130 Working GroupRemove the discrepancy between non-half hourly (NHH) and half hourly (HH) Un-metered Supplies (UMS) tariffsCeased
DCP 134 Working GroupImplementation of notice in DCUSA for changes to distribution time-bandsCeased
DCP 131 Working GroupImproving the predictability and transparency of CDCM InputsCeased
DCP 132 Working GroupImproving the transparency of CDCM target revenueCeased
DCP 125 Working GroupLimit increases to DUoS tariffs to 20% in one yearCeased
DCP 126 Working GroupRequire DNOs to publish and update year-ahead forecasts of DUoS tariffsCeased
DCP 128 Working GroupBringing the EDCM Price Control Disaggregation (Extended Method M) under the DCUSA Open Governance FrameworkCeased
DCP 129 Working GroupBringing the CDCM Price Control Disaggregation (Method M) under the DCUSA Open Governance FrameworkCeased
DCP 127 Working GroupGas First Smart Meter InstallationCeased
DCP 124 Working GroupThird Party Network – National Connection Terms AmendmentsCeased
DCP 123 Working GroupRevenue Matching Methodology ChangeCeased
DCP 113 Working GroupDistributors to Audit Meter Installations and Invoice were mismatched meter installations are identifiedCeased
DCP 120 Working GroupBoundary Registrant Access ProvisionsCeased
DCUSA Smart Working Issues Group-Ceased
DCP 111 Working GroupE Billing for Site Specific BillsCeased
DCP 112 Working GroupInclusion of the Common Connection Charging Methodology and Common Connection Charging Template into the DCUSACeased
DCP 117 Working GroupTreatment of ‘load related new connections & reinforcement (net of contributions)’ in the price control disaggregation modelCeased
DCP 118 Working GroupAllocation of EHV Costs in the CDCM Price Disaggregation Model.Ceased
DCP 114 and DCP 115 Working GroupNTC Amendments – Capacity Management (Under Utilisation)Ceased
DCUSA Clause 25 Working Group-Ceased
DCP 109 Working GroupImplementation of the EDCMCeased
DCP 108 Working GroupAvailability of the non Intermittent Generator TariffCeased
DCP 105 Working GroupFixed Bi-Annual Amendment of DUoS Tariffs.Ceased
DCP 104 Working GroupShared Impact of Manifest Errors in DUoS ChargingCeased
DCP 106 Working GroupVisibility to DCUSA Parties Regarding Applications to the Authority by DNO’s to Change Allowed RevenueCeased
DCP 100 Working GroupPayment Timescales Alignment and SimplificationCeased
DCP 099, 101 and 102 Working GroupChange to Schedule 1 – CoverCeased
DCP 103 Working GroupDUoS Charges for sub 100kw HH settled sitesCeased
DCP 094 to 097 Working GroupTreatment of ‘Load Related New Connections & Reinforcement (Net of Contributions)’ in the Price Control Disaggregation Model Used to Determine LDNO Discount FactorsCeased
DCP 089 Working GroupDNO – (I)DNO BillingCeased
DCP 091 Working GroupPublication of Tariffs and Annual Charge EstimatesCeased
DCP 090 Working GroupNested NetworksCeased
DCP 084 Working GroupUser Requirements Associated With Provision Of Cost InformationCeased
DCP 087 Working GroupSmoothing Load Characteristics And PeakingCeased
DCP 085 Working GroupProcess for Determining Urgent StatusCeased
DCP 086 Working GroupIntroduction of the Annual Review PackCeased
DCP 088 Working GroupMid Year CDCM Charging ModelCeased
DCP 079 Working GroupStatutory Application of NTCCeased
DCP 080 Working GroupTheft in ConveyanceCeased
DCP 078 Working GroupReciprocal DUoS Payment ArrangementsCeased
DCP 077 Working GroupCDCM change – Rate of Return %Ceased
DCP 075 Working GroupVoting Arrangements for a Party Category with Few MembersCeased
DCP 054 Subgroup-Ceased
DCP 071 Working GroupAllocation of Cost to HV Connected IDNOs with LV End UsersCeased
DCP 066 Working GroupEnhanced Provision of Cost InformationCeased
DCP 064 Working GroupDCUSA Amendments in relation to the Electricity (Standards of Performance) Regulations 2005.Ceased
DCP 065 Working GroupImpact of any licence changes as a consequence of DPCR 5Ceased
DCP 062 Working GroupGrid Code ComplianceCeased
DCP 059 Working GroupImplementation of CDCMCeased
DCP 054 Working GroupRevenue Protection/Unrecorded Units into SettlementsCeased
DCP 051 Working GroupConfirmation of Delivery of Use of System InvoicingCeased
DCP 053 Working GroupIncident ManagementCeased
DCP 055 Working GroupProvision of Annual Rota Block Data To SuppliersCeased
DCP 050 Working GroupProvision of Cost Information – Regular MeetingCeased
IDNO/DNO Billing Governance-Ceased
DCP 046 Working GroupCommon Distribution Charging Methodology GovernanceCeased
Standing Issues Group (SIG)-Live
DCP 042 Working GroupDe-registration following DisconnectionCeased
DCP 044 Working GroupMOCOPACeased
DCP 038 Working GroupDe-energisation by Non-Industry PartiesCeased
DCP 037 Working GroupMoving MetersCeased
DCP 034 Working GroupCredit Cover Arrangements for small SuppliersCeased
DIG 001-Ceased
DCP 033 Working GroupConnection TermsCeased
DCP 029 Working GroupPart 1 HousekeepingCeased
DCP 031 Working GroupClarification of Use of Estimated Data Prepared by the CompanyCeased
DCP 030 Working GroupProvision of cost informationCeased
DCP 023 Working GroupThe Creation of a DCUSA Issues Resolution Working Group (DIRWG)Ceased
DCP 019 Working GroupMoving Meters with Service AlterationsCeased
DCP 021 Working GroupDistribution Standard Licence Condition 4a review (DCP009) affecting Section 2BCeased
DCP 017 Working GroupEstablishment of a regular billing cycle for site specific billingCeased
DCP 016 Working GroupMore Open WebsiteCeased
DCP 018 Working GroupClarification of provision of meteting dataCeased
LORCAACredit Cover Arrangements for small SuppliersCeased
DCP 012 Working GroupIntroduction of contractual arrangements for the provision of use of system between one distributor and another distributorCeased
DCP 011 Working GroupDistribution Standard Licence Condition 36, 36A & 36C ReviewCeased
DCP 009 Working GroupDistribution Standard Licence Condition 4a reviewCeased
DCP 010 Working GroupNotification and publication of rota load block alpha identifierCeased
DCP 008 Working GroupProvision of Urgent Metering ServicesCeased
Panel – Open Session-Live
DCP 006 Working GroupCommunication re Damage or Interference – Modification to DCP003Ceased
Finance and Audit Committee-Live
DCP 001 Working GroupProposed move to annual amendment of DUoS ChargesCeased
DCP 003 Working GroupCommunication re Damage or InterferenceCeased
DCP 005 Working GroupChange to the notification period for Non-Standard Connection TermsCeased
Section 2B Working Group-Ceased
Panel – Closed Session-Live