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Committees and Groups

Committees and Groups

In this section you will find more information on the standing DCUSA bodies such as the

  • Panel
  • Board
  • Standing Issues Group (SIG) and
  • Distribution Charging Methodologies Development Group (DCMDG)
  • DCMF Archive​
  • CACoP​

This includes a short description of the role of the body, its terms of references and meeting dates as well as current and past public consultations. Registered website users and members will also have access to meeting papers and minutes.

You will also find information on longer term groups such as

  • The Smart Working Issues Group

Furthermore, a list of live Working Groups can be found in the meetings page. For more information on the current status of all  Working Groups, please consult the Change Register.

Name Title Status
DCP 409 Working GroupChange to Credit cover calculations to include Last Resort Supply PaymentLive
DCP 403 Working GroupClarify the application of the TCR fixed chargeLive
DCP 399 Working GroupRevision to Embedded Capacity Register (ECR) to lower threshold for entries from 1MW to 50kWLive
DCP 405 Working GroupAccess SCR: Managing Curtailable Connections between Licensed Distribution NetworksLive
DCP 404 Working GroupAccess SCR: Changes to Terms of Connection for Curtailable CustomersLive
DCP 407 Working GroupAccess SCR: Speculative DevelopmentLive
DCP 406 Working GroupAccess SCR: Changes to CCCMLive
DCUSA SIG Sub-Group – DIF 62-Live
DCP 400 Working GroupCommissioning of Works using shared Meter Operator services by the Crowded Meter Room CoordinatorLive
DCMDG Issue 09 Sub-Group-Live