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Use of System charging for Complex Sites

Standard Definition


Use of System charging for Complex Sites

This change proposal enables the correct DUoS to be paid by meters that are class F or G within a Class 5 or Class 6 Complex Site as described in BSC Modification P441 (where netting of Import and Export takes place for BSC Settlement purposes) in a practical manner. Under p441 where generation and demand are netted before settlement, the gross values must be added to the D0036 or D0275 to ensure the correct DUoS is charged. However, for class F and G the MPAN counts are included on the D0030 data flows but the volumes are zero. In order for the volumes to be correctly charged DUoS it is proposed that these volumes are included in the D0036 or D0275 using a pseudo MPAN for the gross value.

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Section 1A and Schedule 16 Part 2