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Requiring IDNOs to comply with D2021 billing

Urgent Withdrawn


Requiring IDNOs to comply with D2021 billing

DCP307 - Requiring IDNOs to comply with D2021 billing||Extending compliance with D2021 billing to IDNOs, as it currently is with all other distributors, in order to automate the process and support a more accurate and efficient billing process. ||DCP 307 is being withdrawn as the intent of the CP is too narrowly focused for the solution that was being developed by the DCP 307 Working Group. Following an initial consultation, the group agreed that a number of potential solutions would not only be applicable to IDNOs but also to other Parties. Further to this, the group also agreed that any solution based around using the D2021 flow for DUoS e-Billing should also include the D2026 flow for remittance. The Proposer of DCP 307 is looking to raise another CP which is broader in scope that will look to assess a number of options for the sending and receiving of DUoS invoices.