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Rebilling to be done via Credit/Re-Bill


Rebilling to be done via Credit/Re-Bill

DCP148 - Rebilling to be done via Credit/Re-Bill||This CP has been raised following discussions in the MIG billing supergroup. That group was established to determine best practice in DUoS billing and to facilitate moving the industry towards such practice in order that distributors adopt a common approach to billing.

The MIG billing supergroup has assessed different approaches used by distributors under current practice and has determined its view of the optimal common approach that it feels should be adopted in relation to the matter stated in the intent.

Having a common approach to billing makes it easier for suppliers to build validation routines and provides transparency for new entrants.

Different distributors adopt different approaches to changed data in HH billing. Some credit an original invoice and raise a new invoice while others bill the difference. The group felt consistency was preferable and that credit and rebill was the best approach.

This CP has been deemed a Part 1 matter as it is likely to discriminate in its effect upon parties as some distributors may have changes to make to their billing systems while others may not.||

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