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Moving Made Safe Instances To Cat B

Urgent Withdrawn


Moving Made Safe Instances To Cat B

DCP302 - Moving Made Safe Instances To Cat B||To change the Category definition(s) to allow Category A incidents that have been made safe by the meter operator to be reclassified and reported as Category B.||DCP 302 is being withdrawn due to the fact that the Interventions Working Group (IWG) are continuing to progress 4 workstreams that are seeking to solve a number of major operational issues faced by Parties. One workstream is focussed on the issues that DCP 302 was seeking to address and as such the proposer is happy that the improvements being suggested via the workstream/s mean that DCP 302 is no longer required. With respect to DCP 302, the IWG have also noted that there has been steady and consistent opposition to it.

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