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326 - Introduction of Load Diversification Identifiers for Load Managed Areas

  • CP Number 326
  • Proposing Company OVO (S) ELECTRICITY LIMITED
  • Raised Date 20/06/2018
  • Expected Implementation Date 27/02/2020
  • Implementation Date 27/02/2020
  • Status Implemented
  • Urgent No
  • Last Updated 27/02/2020
  • Secretariat Support Richard Colwill
  • Synopsis

    DCP 326 'Introduction of Load Diversification Identifiers for Load Managed Areas' seeks to introduce a simplified process for retaining the diversification of demand in Load Managed Areas (LMA) during the replacement of RTS controlled metering equipment by Suppliers or post the decommissioning of the Radio Teleswitch System (RTS).

Initial Assessment
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Awaiting Consent
Approved (Awaiting Implementation)

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DCP 326 Working GroupAccepted

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