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Housekeeping Log Items


Housekeeping Log Items

This CP seeks to address and where appropriate to implement a number of housekeeping items that have been identified over a period of time.

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Impacted Areas

• HK112: Definition of “Company/User” in Schedule 8
• HK113: Amendment to table cross-reference in Paragraph 26.3 in Schedules 17 and 18
• HK114: Amendment to the calculation of Export Capacity in paragraph 20.2 in both Schedules 17 and 18
• HK117: Outdated provisions within Clause 8 ‘Costs of the DCUSA’ with respect to theft related costs
• HK118: Clause 54.4A consequential changes post the implementation of DCP 391 and DCP401.
• HK119: References to ‘Entry Point’ and ‘Exit Point’ in Clause 18.4.2
• HK120: Cross referencing issue in Paragraph 1.16 of Schedule 22
• HK121: Clause 8.7 numbering irregularity
• HK122: Clause 10 numbering irregularity