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Grid Code Compliance

Standard Withdrawn


Grid Code Compliance

DCP062 - 'Grid Code Compliance' was raised as a consequential change to Grid Code Consultation proposal A/10, published on 1st February 2010. A/10 seeks to formalise a compliance process within the Grid Code for all new generators and Direct Current converter stations (DCCS) to improve consistency and visibility of the existing processes. The Grid Code Compliance Working Group identified consequential changes to a number of industry codes, including the CUSC, DCUSA and the Distribution Code. If implemented, without consequential changes to the CUSC and DCUSA also being made, A/10 would leave National Grid and Licence Exemptible Embedded Medium Power Stations (LEEMPS) and DCCS with potentially unlimited liabilities to each other. This CP seeks to amend the DCUSA to ensure that the existing industry position on limiting liabilities is retained. The specific changes required are: a) DCUSA Parties would waive the right to claim directly against CUSC parties, including National Grid, for breach of the CUSC; b) DCUSA Parties would instead pursue a claim against the Distribution Network Operator to whose system the LEEMPS is connected, who in turn would claim against the CUSC party for physical damages under the CUSC. c) Any claim by DCUSA Parties would be limited to a maximum of £1 million, in line with the terms of the DCUSA (in force at the date of raising this Amendment Proposal).