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Clarification of TRAS Accession Process

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Clarification of TRAS Accession Process

DCP280 - Clarification of TRAS Accession Process||This CP proposes to amend the TRAS Schedules to clarify the TRAS accession process. It has been assessed that there is a three-month time lag between a new Supplier starting to register metering systems and actually submitting data into TRAS. This time lag has not been reflected within the current TRAS Schedule and a change is required to explicitly reference the time lag so new parties are clear when they need to provide their initial data submission. The three month time lag will also ensure that the new Supplier has time to work with the Service Provider to start submitting data.

This CP further proposes to amend the TRAS Schedules to facilitate the administration of the TRAS by enabling the Secretariat to monitor the number of metering points so that it can be established whether a Supplier should be participating in TRAS, and to determine its TRAS arrangements (for instance the number of Hunter licences a Supplier receives will depend on the number of its metering points).||

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